Who We Are

The Global Health Student Community of Practice was founded at the Charité in the summer term 2014 and is a transdisciplinary group with students from many fields – including Medicine, Public Health, Psychology, International Relations, Medical Engineering, Biology and also Epidemiology. Our aim is to serve as a platform for anyone interested in exchanging ideas and forming international partnerships in the field of Global Health.

Reason enough for establishing such a group is that up to now there has been quite less going on in the field of Global Health in Berlin and Germany. Unfortunately also at the Charité there still is no bilateral exchange with medical institutes in the Global South existent up to now. There are just some research projects in Ruanda and Uganda and a partnership with Havana. We hope that our efforts will contribute to promote an interdisciplinary and just approach to health and medical care.

We started with a journal club that met every other week, with a thematic focus on ‘Global Health in Postcolonial Times‘. In particular, we want to challenge conventional views on “co-operation” and “partnerships” in Global Health and address the asymmetries of power between the Global North and the Global South. Through our theoretical work on Postcolonial Studies, we want to develop new ideas and tools that we can use in our practical work in Global Health.

During the winter term 14/15 we analysed  Germany’s role in Global Health. For that we invited deputies from the most important German institutions dealing with Global Health issues to discuss with them. The week before these expert talks we held internal meetings to analyze the respective institution and to prepare ourselves for the discussions.

One year ago in the summer term 2015, we analyzed the question “Which similarities and differences can be found between India and Germany regarding their preventive measures of diabetes type II?” Following this was the topic termGlobal Mental Health – Refugees in Berlin in the winter term 15/16. We discuss a global problem at the local level and through through a conference brought together about 80 participants from NGOs, the political sector, from hospitals, practices and universities that got together to hear about and to discuss the challenges of mental health care services for refugees in Berlin. Find please find a follow up by Mechthild Rawert, Member of the Bundestag at her website or under the sections on this website.

In the following terms we discussed Global Health Systems: Concepts, Challenges and Comparisons of Health Care Organization as well as Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by the example of Kenya. This led to collaborative research project on UHC implementation questions with the Public Health Student Group Nairobi, more details to follow soon!

This term – summer 2017 – we will dedicate our meetings to Global Health Equity – From Theories of Justice to Multisectoral Approaches for Health Impact. 


For further questions and suggestions, please contact global-health@charite.de.


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